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Smart Bulk Emails Sender

This is the screen of Smart Bulk Email Sender program.

Prepare your email list (email.txt) and save in the same directory of this application.

Your email addresses must be in this format. For demonstration, we only enter three email addresses.

Okay! Let's get started.

Enter your ISP SMTP Server.

For most ISP SMTP server, the authentication is usually not required.

Enter your email address in the From field.

Enter the email subject in the Subject field.

Enter your email contents.

Select the Send Interval. The default sending rate is 30 seconds per email. Select a slower sending speed (e.g. 60 seconds per email) if your ISP SMTP has a very strict spamming rule.

Okay! That's all.

Click on the Send Now button to start sending your email list. The sending process is fully automatic.

The first email has been sent successfully! The next email will be sent after the set interval (i.e. 30 seconds).

The second emails has also been sent successfully. The next email will then be sent after the next 30 seconds.

When all emails have been sent, a small window will pop up to alert you.

That's it. For demonstration purpose, only three emails have been sent.

How to Use Smart Bulk Emails Sender Software Video Demo

website monitor software video demo display here. Update your flash player to see this software video demo.

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