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Hosting Plan Cost Analyser

Matrix Plans Mode

Now! Let's see the most powerful tool of this Web Hosting Cost Analyser Program.

For Corporate Version, your visitors and customers can select web hosting plans from your web server.

Let's enter the information of your Hosting Reseller Plan manually.

If all information are entered, click on the Start button.

The first column is the web hosting plan.

The range of storage space can be set freely, for example, 100 - 600 MB.

At the begiining, you did not get any customer (All Account Quantity is zero). Therefore you are losing money.

Now. You are going to design your web hosting plans for this new Hosting Reseller Account. You are very lucky, you can design your web hosting plans easily with this program.

Your three web hosting plans have been set. Let's see what happens when you start getting new customers.

Look! You can start getting profit by getting only five customers with Plan 1.

The storage space and bandwidth will be decreasing when new web hosting accounts are adding.

Imagine you are getting more and more customers with different plans as your business goes on.

The program will alert you when one of your resources used up. In this case, the Web Storage Space has been used up.

This is just one of the possible scenerio of your Hosting Reseller Account.

As you should notice that this Hosting Reseller Account is limited by the web storage space. There are still a lot of bandwidth remains. Therefore you should provide more generous bandwidth to all the three web hosting plans.

Actually you can adjust both bandwidth and web storage space freely so far the balance is positive. Therefore you can easily design your web hosting plans and maximize the resources of your web server.

Web Hosting Plans Costing Analyser Video Demo - Matrix Plans Mode

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