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Hosting Plan Cost Analyser

Upload Hosting Plans to Server

If you purchased the Corporate Version, you can upload your web hosting plans to your web server. Therefore your visitors and customers can select your web hosting plans and check the costing. Let's see how it works...

Each Corporate Version will provide a different password to login the Admin Page.

You are now in the Admin Page. Let's login your web server with this built-in FTP client.

You logged in your web server successfully!

This is the hosting plans that uploaded to the web server before. If this is the first time you have used this program, the contents will be empty here.

This program has a feature that assist you to create the web hosting plans easily.

Let's create a new web hosting plan.

Click on the Create New button when all information of this hosting plan have all been filled in.

The new plan has been added to the list.

You can modify or delete the plan if required.

If you have problem logging in your web server using our built-in FTP client, you can create the hosting plan file. Then use your own FTP client to upload to your web server. The hosting plan file will be created in the same directory of this program.

Since you have logged in successfully to your web server, you can upload the hosting plan by clicking on the Upload Plan button.

The upload has been completed!

Let's see how your visitors and customers select your hosting plans.

For Corporate Version, the Select Plans button is enabled, thus allow your visitors and customers to select your hosting plans.

The web hosting plans have been been retrieved from your web server.

This is a very useful tool to your visitors and customers that allow them to calculate how much they can earn with your web hosting plans.

Web Hosting Plans Costing Analyser Video Demo - Upload Hosting Plans to Server

website monitor software video demo display here. Update your flash player to see this software video demo.

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